Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cooking with Arthritis Gadgets: Le Creuset Utensil Review

The Arthritis Foundation has launched an 'Ease of Use' Commendation for products and I've   been reading some great reviews on The Seated View. I've also been discussing spatulas on twitter (yes, really). Interestingly, on the Arthritis Foundation's website, I saw that Le Creuset utensils had been given the seal of approval. Well to a Le Creuset junkie like me that was an open invitation to go get some more utensils. I think I buy them more for the pretty colours than anything else, but here is my take on the spatula and basting brush.

What are they supposed to do?
The silicone heads are heat-proof and won't damage pans. The spatula is for use frying, folding, mixing and scarping out bowls. The basting brush allows you to paint marinades onto meats or brush oil over things. Wooden handles have elliptical handles to help prevent them twisting in your hand and grip rings.

Do they work?
The spatula is fantastic for scraping out bowls, sadly removing any need to lick them out! It works well in cooking and doesn't leave behind any plastic-ey odour, unlike some I have used. The brush is ok. The bristles are a little to thick and firm for getting a very smooth coat on things but it works nicely for basting.

Do they make it easier to cook with arthritis?
Well they are both very light and easy to work with. The handles feel nice and are easy to grip. They are not dishwasher safe because of the wooden handles which is fine for the spatula but actually a bit of a hassle for the brush. I find it a bit fiddly to get clean. They are a joy to look at - mine are pale blue so they certainly cheer the kitchen up  - but I think there are probably other light and easy to use silicone utensils out there that are probably cheaper and easier to clean.

Overall verdict?
B   Beautiful and functional, shame they are tricky to clean.

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