Monday, 16 July 2012

Flare Food: Anti-Inflammatory Diet Tips

The post I published recently on what diet to eat during an arthritis flare has been one of my most viewed (although not more so than the chocolate chip cookie recipe, clearly we all like chocolate). Food and diet can't end an arthritis flare but they can help ease it and keep you healthy whilst it lasts. If you are interested in anti-inflammatory foods, spices and nutrients, have a read of the 'Arthur Investigates' posts for a low-down on what works for arthritis and what is a waste of time.

These are my favourite 'cooking with arthritis' recipes for when I'm flaring (and I'm enjoying a nice arthritis flare at the moment) alongside my 4 top flare-diet tips:

1. Increase your omega-3 intake - it really can help fight inflammation and reduce pain
One-pan Honey Mustard Salmon
Soy-Ginger Salmon
Oat and Almond Crusted Fish

2. Get your anti-inflammatory spices - there is less evidence on spices than oily fish, but studies show that  turmeric, chilli and ginger can all help
No Chop Green Thai Curry 
Noodle Soup 
Thai Sweetcorn Soup

3. Eat arthritis-busting veggies - anti-oxidants are vital to help protect against and repair the damage from inflammation
Baked Sweet Potato
Power Pea Pesto
Spinach, Pea and Feta Frittata

4. Feel cozy with better-for-you comfort food - nothing like your favourite dish to cheer you up when you are down
Real Rice Pudding
Polenta Pan Pizza
Zuchinni Rice Bake

What are your tips? What do you find especially hard when you have a flare?


  1. I find it hard to eat healthy when I flare because I'm so tired all the time, I live off cereal and take out. I will try some of these recipes for a change.

    1. I hope you enjoy recipes. Pop back and tell me how they go. I'll try and do a post on tiredness.



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