Friday, 14 December 2012

Arthritis Kitchen Gadget Christmas List

I make no apologies for this ridiculously fantastical list of expensive but arthritis-friendly gadgets. A girl can dream - and this one dreams of crazy, shiny kitchen machines. Frankly, being sore shouldered, wonky wristed and fumble-fingered should have a few perks... so this is my 'if I have to put up with arthritis please compensate me with kitchen toys' list.

Tefal Fresh Express - chops, grates and slices vegetables and can be cleaned in the dishwasher  No idea if it is any good but it looks pretty handy for those of us with arthritis.

Anything from Joseph Joseph - they prove that you can design user-friendly cooking equipment that looks great and is a joy to use. I've got the nest of bowls but I'm hankering after one of their lightweight chopping mats and the square colander. The switch peeler looks like it might be handy when I really should peel spuds for those Christmas roasties too.

Bosch Food Processor and Mixer - this is such a good idea. It's a kitchen mixer and food processor in one. No more messing about with lots of different pieces of equipment. I currently use a hand mixer and frankly don't need to mix stuff enough to justify a giant, expensive KitchenAid type mixer but this really appeals to my love of space-saving, multi-tasking gadgets.

Nespresso Machine - Um, I can't quite come up with a good arthritis-excuse for this one. Maybe I could legitimise it on the grounds that I smash cafetiere jugs so often due to my dodgy grip that this would be a cost-saving investment! Also, good coffee is essential when I feel like a tin-man with stiff joints first thing so it would be one step towards ensuring I was nice in the mornings...

Culinaire One Touch Can Opener - you know you have arthritis when you want a can opener for Christmas...

What's on your list?

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