Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cooking with Arthritis Gadgets: Good Grips Garlic Press

I'm quite hard on garlic presses/crushers. We eat quite a bit of garlic so they get heavy use. I also tend to chuck them in the dishwasher. As a result, very few of them last very long before bits start falling off them or they stop crushing anything. 

They are also quite hard on me. It can be difficult to grip hard enough to crush the garlic properly and a complete fiddle trying to get the un-crushed bits back out for cleaning. I picked this Good Grips Garlic Press up a while ago and thought I'd review it.

What does it do?
What is says on the tin - crushes garlic. It has a solid, heavy metal crusher head and non-slip rubber handles. You can also turn it back on itself to push squashed garlic out of the press for easy cleaning.

Does it work?
Brilliantly. The weight of the crusher makes it very easy to squeeze together even with sore hands and I love the easy clean function.

Does it make it easier to cook with arthritis?
It certainly makes it simpler for me to crush garlic without struggling to close the press. The weight of it makes squishing the clove a doddle. If you find heavier implements harder to hold then I'd give this is a miss but for anyone with sore wrists, I think it's very useful. It is more expensive than your average garlic press (around £12) but I haven't ruined mine yet so it seems good value.

Overall verdict?
A - vampires beware

If you want to find out more about garlic and any benefits for arthritis, check out this post.

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