Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Your Favourite Recipes and Arthritis Diet Advice from 2013

A very belated Happy New Year to you all. Almost every magazine, website and paper I have encountered in 2014 has been full of some crazy new diet for arthritis or weight loss - from cutting out sugar to fasting, going vegan to strictly paleo. I will post about the various risks and benefits of all these diet regimes for those of us with arthritis but before I do I wanted to revisit 2013.

I'm massively grateful to everyone who reads, comments and cooks from Cooking with Arthur. I love your comments, questions and feedback. I write this blog purely because I'm passionate about healthy eating and cooking with arthritis so it's lovely to find others with the same interest. I love looking back at what people find interesting on the site, so here are your favourites from 2013:

1. Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
This is the most read post on the whole website. Gluten free and the FODMAP diet were both big diet trends in 2013 but I like this as simply just a good, easy cookie recipe that you can make even on a bad arthritis day.

2. Oriental Poached Salmon
A lovely quick and easy arthritis friendly dish packed with anti-inflammatory spices and omega 3 fish oil. If you are looking for a healthy supper you can't go wrong with this.

3. Quick Veggie Lasagna
Despite the shocking photo, my lasagna recipe was very popular. I like to make this when we have guests as it looks impressive but doesn't stress my arthritis-ridden hands too much.

4. Fatigue, Arthritis and Diet
Anyone with arthritis knows that 'my battery has run flat' feeling. I wrote about how your diet can help or hinder your fatigue levels.

5. Weight Loss, Arthritis and Diet
I only wrote this post in November but perhaps as a result of people looking for New Year's diet plans it's quickly hit the favourite posts list.

If there is anything you'd like to see me cover in 2014, let me know.


  1. Nice post.

    It's not about temporary of fad diets. It's about making healthy sustainable lifestyle changes.


  2. I find the way most people use the word diet so irritating! When I talk about "my diet" I mean what I eat every meal, every day. If that meant I ate an enormous muffin washed down with an extra-sized coffee with cream from one of those coffee places every morningand afternoon - then it would hardly be surprising if I were overweight and I would definitely need to consider "A Diet". On the other hand - even if all I ate was "healthy" food but all the portions were twice the size I really need - I'd still run the risk of being overweight.
    Then there is all this shouting about "sugar being the new tobacco" and how we need to "exclude sugar" - sensationalist writing again!
    It is ADDED sugar, oversized portions - and eating special treats every meal, every day that makes us fat.
    If you buy a natural yoghurt and add chopped fruit - that's healthy. If you buy a "diet" yoghurt which has added sugars and stuff to make it thick because the fat has been removed - that's not healthy.

    You at least offer us sensible suggestions! But even your goodies will make us fat if we eat too many - moderation in all things!

    Here's to 2014 being the year people understand how to eat sustainably - in every sense of the word ;-)

    1. Very true, you will definitely put on weight if you eat too many of my cookies! I love the idea of eating sustainably in every sense of the word - what a wonderful proposal for a healthy 2014.

  3. EileenI agree with you diet irritating lot of people I know but they have about 100kg and still get fat :)



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