Sunday, 26 October 2014

Winter Arthritis Diet Tips

For many of us, as the clocks go back, our arthritis gets active. Certainly for me, contrary to all scientific study, the winter always equals creaky joints and festive flares. So, with cold and flu season upon us and the weather suddenly getting just that little bit chilly, I thought I would post my favourite tips and recipes for helping keeping arthritis at bay all winter.

1. Eat a rainbow - the sun may be a distant memory but eating a wide, colourful range of fruit and vegetables is an excellent way to get plenty of inflammation fighting antioxidants. Think red tomatoes, orange carrots, yellow peppers, green brocolli and purple aubergines. Try this 5-a-day pasta sauce, bright pink beetroot risotto or colourful noodle soup.

2. Spice it up - conjure up the taste of exotic holidays with recipes rich in anti-inflammatory spices, Eat plenty of turmeric spiced curries and tagines or asian ginger salmon and stir fries.

3. Cosy comforts - shun heavy fat-laden winter dishes and instead try wholesome stews, soups and puddings. This healthy shepherd's pie makes a filling supper or try this easy one-pot macaroni and cheese. Finish with this lighter chocolate mousse or tasty rice pudding.

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