Friday, 9 January 2015

Arthritis Gadget Review: Spiralizer Comparison

So, in my Christmas stocking was an interesting new arthritis kitchen gadget - a vegetable spiralizer (pictured). I've been playing with it over the holidays and also have had the chance to test a freestanding model (like this) and I thought I'd do a quick review  and comparison of the models available for those of you wondering whether they could ever be and arthritis friendly kitchen tool.

What does it do?
If you read many healthy eating blogs etc you may well of heard of a spiralizer before but for those of you reading this going 'What?!', a spiralizer is basically a gadget that turns vegetables into long spaghetti or noodle like spirals. The vegetable spirals can be used as an alternative to pasta or can be added to salads, noodle dishes etc. In my household they are most popular with my 10 month old who loves dangling courgette ribbons from her high chair! 

Does it work?
I find that the handheld model could only really cope with courgettes. It tended to break up the carrot spirals. The larger freestanding model (in this case the Lurch Spirali) was much better at spiralising (is that a verb?!) carrots, potatoes, aubergine etc. Both were very easy to clean and dishwasher friendly but the blades are very sharp so you have to be a little cautious when dismantling them.

How easy is it to use with arthritis?
A freestanding spiralizer is much much easier to use with arthritis. You need to apply some pressure to the vegetable using a small lever and then crank a handle but both are relatively comfortable to use for a short time. I found harder vegetables, like carrots, a bit tricky with the Lurch Spirali as it was the lever does get a bit stiff and hard to grip with sore hands or wrists.

The handheld sprializer is useless if you find it hard to grip or twist with your wrists. I find it ok to do a small amount of courgettes but wouldn't want to use it for too long.

Overall verdict?
The freestanding spiraliser is more expensive and takes up more space but is probably a better bet if you have arthritis and think you might spiralize regularly.

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