Sunday, 9 August 2015

Arthritis Gadget Review: Peta Easi-Grip Knives

I have some shiny new kitchen kit to review today - the Peta UK Easi Grip knife range. If you have not come across Peta before (and not, they aren't that PETA - read their hilarious 'who we're not' page), they are a lovely company who design and make products to make living with a disability easier. I was sent a selection of their knives to review.

What are they supposed to do?

I tested the bread knife, carving knife and all-purpose knife.The knives are designed to make chopping easier in the kitchen. They have wide, non-slip soft grips and an angled handle to help keep the wrist and hand joints in a comfortable position. 

Do they work?

Yes. I'm really impressed by the knives. The thing I was actually most worried about was how sharp the blades would be. If you have ever been at one of my talks, you will know the first thing I say is 'a safe knife is a sharp knife'; a blunt knife makes it harder to cut and requires more pressure. So many knives I try are just not sharp enough to cut with but all three of these knives worked well. I was especially impressed with how the bread knife cut good slices of a crusty loaf.

The grip is comfortable to hold and doesn't add too much weight to the knife. I found it very good for my thumb joints. The knives were also easy to clean. 

My only caveats would be that if you had very bad elbow arthritis (rather than wrist or finger problems) then you might find the knives trickier to use because the grip requires more of the motion to come from there. Also they are a pain to store because of the large handles, although the company do sell a good magnetic rack for them. Finally, I couldn't actually get into my knives at first because I couldn't remove the plastic blade cover without requesting my husband's help. A small niggle but it did cause me several aggravating minutes of cursing - like my toddler when she wants to get into a cupboard but can't!

I was sent the knives free to review but they retail for a reasonable £11.95 each and you can buy them direct from Peta here.

Overall verdict? A 
There are so many supposedly arthritis-friendly kitchen gadgets on the market but very few that you really do feel have been designed and tested by people with a proper understanding of the challenges of cooking with arthritis. With these knives I really did feel like they were made to help with the frustrations of arthritis - not add to them.

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