Sunday, 6 December 2015

Arthritis Friendly Kitchen Gadget Review: Peta UK Food Preparation Board

This is a long overdue review of a new chopping board developed by Peta UK. I was sent the board to look at back in August and thanks to haring around after my toddler, work projects and a spell of ill health I've only just got around to reviewing it. Regular readers will remember that I'm quite fond of Peta UK - their equipment so far has always actually worked rather than being gimmicky or flimsy (I'm looking at you masterclass chopper...). So, how did I get on with their board?

What is it supposed to do?

Designed to help people with weak hand function or those who can only use one hand well, the Food Prep Board is wooden chopping board with extra features intended to make it easier to slice, grate and prepare food. Peta UK have spent 10 years designing and finessing the board and it shows - it's a stylish, solid piece of kit suitable for any keen cook.The board has a removable wooden oval section that you can flip over to skewer food on wooden spikes making it possible to use a knife with two hands and cut more securely. You can also take out the oval section of the board and slide in one of the two graters (one coarse and one fine with a slicing attachment) or a stainless steel bowl to collect your chopped food or waste in.

This video shows exactly how it works.

Does it work?

Yet again, I'm really impressed by a piece of Peta UK kit. I've been having a bad flare recently and my wrists and elbows have been very sore so the board Multi Function Food Prep Board has been a real help.

The graters and slicer are nice and sharp making it easy to shred vegetables or cheese. It took me a little while to get the hang of grating horizontally comfortably but once I found a position that worked for me then it was straightforward. The skewered section is brilliant at holding most things steady - I found it particularly good for using on halved onions although I nearly skewered myself attempting to use it on a carrot as pictured on the box. Possibly my carrots were too wiggly! If you do want to chop something very hard using the skewered section, like a butternut squash, then I'd recommend giving it a quick zap in the microwave first to soften it (pierce the skin a few times and cook it on medium for 2-3 minutes).

The board is relatively easy to clean. I love that you can put the graters and stainless steel bowl in the dishwasher. I personally wouldn't want to prepare meat on it because it is a little tricky to get the whole thing in the sink to scrub well. The board itself is quite heavy and difficult to store vertically as the wooden section tends to pop out (although on mine it does fit in tightly one way around and flops out the other way which is handy but probably not part of the design :)).This means I think it would be best for people with the worktop space to store it out on display but that is no hardship as it looks beautiful and could easily be used as a pan rest etc as well as a chopping board. 

Overall verdict?A
A stylish and helpful tool for anyone who has weak grip or problems using both hands when preparing food. At £65 it is certainly an investment but I can imagine it lasting many, many years. Maybe one for the Christmas list? You can buy the board direct  from Peta UK here.


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