Wednesday, 13 January 2016

New Year Resolutions

A belated Happy New Year to you all! We've had a bit of a rough start to the New Year so far - I basically broke my body in 2015 (looking after a toddler full time is an extreme sport) and it has been a difficult time for some of our family and friends as well. However, onwards and upwards...

I've made a few resolutions for the blog this year: firstly, I'm going to write more product reviews as so many people tell me they find these the most useful thing and whilst there are lots of websites with healthy recipes, there aren't that many where a real person with real arthritis gives cooking implements a real test! Secondly, I want to myth-bust a little more. There is a lot of 'nutri-babble' out there. Too many articles and so-called experts regurgitate a load of pseudo-science and claim that their particular eating regime will cure all our ills. I entirely respect individual dietary choices but let's be honest about the facts behind them. And, finally, I'd like to grow the tips sharing bit of the site, so if you have a great hint for others on how to make cooking or life easier with arthritis then please share.

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