Monday, 15 February 2016

Arthritis Kitchen Gadget Review: The Garlic Card

I have a pile of new arthritis kitchen gadgets to test this year and one of the first I got my creaky joints on was this GarlicCard.

What is it supposed to do?
GarlicCard is a small brightly coloured plastic card with raised bumps on it's surface against which you are supposed to puree a peeled garlic clove.

According to the manufacturer, 'GarlicCard is a Swedish invention for grating garlic quickly and easily. GarlicCard lets everyone enjoy fresh garlic whithout bothering with hard-to-clean garlic presses, razor-sharp graters or time-consuming chopping'.

Sounds great for those of us with arthritis but...

Does it work?
In theory, you simply rub your clove of garlic against the card and you get a fine puree.This video shows you have it is supposed to work.

In practice, you diligently rub your garlic against the card and all you get is a bit of squashed garlic. I don't know whether the problem is partly with me - I find it hard to hold the card steady and manoeuvre the piece of garlic with my stiff arthritic hands . However, it also feels like a slightly pointless invention. Squashing a garlic clove under a knife blade is easy and requires no extra tools. Similarly, garlic presses can be hard to use if you have arthritis but there are some good ones out there and at least they always work.

On the plus side, it is super easy to clean -you can throw it in the dishwasher or rinse it under a tap. 

Overall verdict
F It's a long time since a kitchen gadget has made me quite so angry actually. I love the concept; I love the styling; but, it is less than useless and I can't quite get my head around how something could have gone so wrong between the idea and the execution. 


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  2. It drove him to near madness when ever he cooked in my kitchen.



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