Monday, 18 July 2016

What's (not) been cooking recently

I am a fountain of idioms and adages - I haven't the 'foggiest' why but I scatter them throughout my daily speech. At breakfast, I 'waste not, want not' by scoffing my daughter's leftovers, driven mad in the middle of the day, I 'start crawling up the walls' and by bedtime I'm ready to 'turn into a pumpkin'. 

And recently, I've been living one of my favourites 'every cloud has a silver lining'...

An annoying crop of health niggles meant I had to turn down a whole series of work and personal opportunities over the last few months that would either be too physically demanding or impossible to organise childcare for. I was feeling a bit down in the dumps about it when some wonderful non-cooking related projects landed on my lap.

One of the most recent ones I have been involved with is the launch of new site for people with psoriatic arthritis called PsAandMe. It's a project sponsored by Novartis that aims to help people with PsA share their own experiences of the condition and get us all talking about the swings and roundabouts of having a chronic illness. As a contributing editor to the site, I've written my usual healthy recipe but also shared my thoughts of parenting and psoriatic arthritis, or how not to let PsA be the monster under the bed.

Do check it out if you suffer from PsA. There is some great content on the site including tips on flying with PsA (so not fun), the old work/life balance conundrum, dealing with anxiety and relationships.

And if you have made it to the end of this post and survived the cartload of idioms, congratulations and just be grateful you don't have to live with me ;)

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