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  1. Hi. I've got rheumatoid arthritis and am injecting methotrexate weekly and anti-TNF drug Cimzia fortnightly. Your blog is really interesting. I have been following a strict diet the past few months in the hope to reduce my drugs, especially the methotrexate. I've lost nearly a stone in weight as I have cut out a lot. I read Margaret Hills book which I found very interesting. I was diagnosed at 27. I'm 31 now and my main concern is being on these drugs long term. My plan is to eat myself well and keep reducing my drugs until I'm pain free and drug free!

    1. Thank you. Really nice to her from someone diagnosed around the same age and I know what you mean about being on the drugs long term. It's great you have already lost a stone, I really hope your diet keeps going well and you find helpful stuff on this site. Let me know if there are any recipes or things you would like to see on the blog!

    2. My doctor advised me to find some arthritis support groups in my local area to meet and chat to people in a similar situation to me but my closest one is in Welwyn. So I'm glad I found this blog. I have cut out all old meats (pork, ham, beef, sausages etc), animal fats, tomatoes, acidic fruits, fruit juices. Basically anything acidic. That's why I've lost so much weight! I can't afford to loose any more weight now though. I have also been reading about following an alkaline diet but have conflicting ideas about tomatoes and some fruits! Apparently some foods are acidic but once digested become alkaline so I'm confused what I can eat! I have 30ml of cider vinegar everyday and Epsom salt baths twice a week. I read info on here about vegan diets and cutting back on meat consumption. I totally agree! I am going to try and reduce my methotrexate injection again next month. I don't know if I'll ever be able to come off the drugs and be pain free but I will be much happier if I can reduce them.

  2. Great site! I've had RA for 22 years - and the last two it turned really aggressive. Now on Enbrel and about to switch to Humira due to big injection site reactions... Pre-RA, I was a chef, so it's really good to see good food, a balanced diet approach and not advocating some of the more radical exclusion diets out there for a 'cure - bit over all that! Now facing having to try and lose about 20 kilos I was gifted from steroids over the last year while we worked out other drug options, so I've been looking for some inspiration - you know how easy it is to get bogged down in routine cooking... Question - how do I follow your blog? I don't have any of the things that pop up when I click on your 'subscribe' box...
    While I'm here though - my absolute MUST have in the kitchen, for independence, is my food processor. Just bought a new one - love it. And my son gave me a set of knives that were designed by chefs with arthritis - part of the Global range. Absolutely brilliant. And worth whatever obscene amount of money he paid for them!
    I'd really like to follow you - if there's an email option, you can contact me on

    1. Thanks so much Karen for the kind comments. Really glad you like the blog. Hope the humira helps you, its been great for me. You should be able to follow through google+as well but I'll look into whether there are other ways. I'm going to investigate those knives...I'll blame you if I end up spending an obscene amount on them too ;)

  3. Potassium deficiency is deeply involved in gout and high uric acid as an accentuating factor because uric acid is less soluble in acidic urine. Potassium bicarbonate supplements will reverse this. In view of the fact that this is not considered by current rheumatologists, it would be very valuable for you to bring it into your future writing. It is not only that potassium is not considered by physicians in regard to gout, many of them do not even believe that a potassium deficiency is likely. This even though many of them prescribe what are actually supplements, but prescribed under euphemistic terms such as salt substitutes, sodium free baking powder, ORT salts (oral rehydration therapy for diarrhea), polarizing solutions, GIK (glucose, insulin, potassium) salts, vegetables, or glucosamine. A deficiency is further defined out of existence by defining the blood serum content normal as 4.2 when the actual figure is 4.8. For gout, though, the chloride is not acceptable. But potassium bicarbonate powder dissolved in fruit juice or half teaspoon sprinkled on cereal will work very well. It may be obtained from businesses which add it to wine. You may see an article on this concept in . If you supplement potassium, be very certain that vitamin B-1 is adequate, because otherwise heart disease can be triggered (see ).
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  4. Hi kate
    I work on Arthritis Care's Helpline and I'm a massive fan. Thank you so much for the Time for Tea recipe and your support for great healthy food for people with arthritis.

  5. Here's an Italian inspired arthritis friendly salmon recipe
    Line a baking dish with sliced potatoes (if you use new potatoes you don't need to peel them,) drizzle with olive oil. Add a handful or two of cherry tomatoes. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper. You need some moisture - you can add some veg. stock or a splash of white wine or vermouth. Got some herbs? - then sprinkle on. Cover the dish with foil and bake in a medium oven until the potatoes are just softening.

    Next you need some salmon. For the small version put on salmon steaks - think one per person. Or for holiday mode buy a big salmon fillet and place skin side up (fishmonger can advise how much to buy.) Bargain tip - salmon tends to be good value at this time of year... Put back the foil and bake in a medium to slow oven until the fish is done to your taste. Once the fish is done you can grill the dish to crisp up the skin - delicious!

    Make plenty as this re-heats perfectly. Bon appetit!

  6. Hi
    Thank you for your hints and tips
    Have you tried any hand mixers ? or even blogged about them ??
    I am trying to find one with aan easy release mechanism. I have had a supermarket own branded one now for 5+ years and the release button for the metal whisks has become too stiff for me to depress. I have arthritis too
    Any ideas gratefully received
    thank you

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