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Get sharing here. Whether it is a family recipe passed down through generations that you always make when Arthur (your arthritis) is flaring or a top tip for making cooking with sore joints easier, this is the place to share them with others. Comment below so we can learn from each other to make cooking with arthritis easier!

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  1. Lovely Shortbread Recipe courtesy of reader Eileen.

    Thought you might be interested in my shortbread bars using a traditional Scottish recipe which I used to make in industrial quantities using a Kenwood mixer: 1lb plain flour, 1lb self-raising flour, 1lb caster sugar, 1/2lb butter Sift the 2 flours together twice. Cream the sugar and butter until the colour has lightened and it is really creamy. Then add the flours in stages, a scoop at a time. Stop and scrape down any mix that gets stuck on the side of the bowl if necessary. At the end the mix will look like breadcrumbs but will JUST be beginning to clump if you pinch it between your fingers and thumb. At this stage divide the mix between 2 oblong cake tins, 7 x 11 in and 1 1/2in deep which have been greased lightly and lined with greaseproof paper and level it out. Then use a potato masher or something similar to press it down firmly. Bake for about an hour at 140C in a circulating air oven (not really sure about other sorts of heat but it is quite dependent on your oven).



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