Monday, 19 September 2011

Cooking with Arthritis Gadgets: Master Class Food Chopper

There are an enormous number of gadgets and tools on the market for helping you cook with arthritis. Some are good, and some are...not so good. I've tried most of them and so thought I would share my reviews with you.

What is it supposed to do?
You put whatever you would like chopped-up in the little container at the bottom. You then put the top on and push down on the plunger. The zig-zag blade slices the food and then shifts about 90 degrees as it comes up, ready for the next chop.

Does it work?
I've tried it with onions and nuts; it did an ok job of dicing the onion but really struggled with the nuts. It occasionally got stuck chopping the onion. The bottom bowl can be put in the dishwasher but the top needs to be washed by hand.

Does it making it easier to cook with arthritis?
It was pretty difficult for my wrists chopping either with it as you have to really push the plunger down and then it sort of springs back up so it feels pretty high impact. I think if your main problem is your grip though, this could be very handy.

Overall verdict?
B- Must try harder.

You can buy the chopper online here and there are lots of similar gadgets around. If you have come across a better version, let me know!

For some helpful tips for making life easier when you are cooking with arthritis, click on the 'Handy Hints' page.

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